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    Mila Kunis Against Men Saying “We Are Pregnant” - Video

    What the fuck is this bullshit and why was it recommended for me?

    It’s not like men are involved in the creation of the baby or anything.

    I mean shit, I understand that pregnancy is an extremely strenuous thing on the woman, but that doesn’t mean that a dude can’t be proud of the fact that he’s going to be a father.

    Hmm. Weird how someone would want to be considered a part of the pregnancy…
    There goes all of my respect for Mila Kunis.

    My goodness, women like this have some fucking nerve. Good luck Ashton.

    Please stop.

    Pregnancy is a very dangerous time for cis-women. Until cis-men are capable of nine months of pain without the ability to take painkillers, followed by hours of one of the most painful experiences a human can undergo, I agree with Mila Kunis. It is your child. Not your pregnancy. You don’t get a fucking medal for sticking your dick inside someone and impregnating them, you get a child. So no, you don’t need a fucking spotlight highlighting your months of work and pain and the fact that you can potentially die trying to bring life into the world when you have not undergone any of the physical effort.

    Things you can expect during pregnancy: Anemia, urinary tract infections, constipation, mental health conditions including intense depression, hyperemesis gravidarm (basically when persistent vomiting is more than just morning sickness and requires hospitalization). Not to mention there are dozens of infections that can cause serious problems. (x) (x)

    Oh and the fact that 20% of pregnancies end in miscarriages which obviously requires hospitalization for the pregnant woman and causes a lot of emotional trauma.

    Or that you can’t consume alcohol, most types of fish, you can’t expose yourself to hot water (or any heat, really), or get an x-ray. You cannot eat lunch meats, raw sprouts (radishes, alfalfa, etc.), soft cheeses, anything unpasteurized is out, as are foods with raw or undercooked eggs. And caffeine can lead to miscarriages, so say goodbye to coffee, teas, and chocolate. (x) (x) (x)

    About 2 million pregnancy losses occur annually in the U.S.; 6 million babies are born. 25% of pregnancies are lost.

    14.5% of pregnant women will experience at least one pregnancy complication.

    11% of women are diagnosed with post partum depression.


    800 women die because of pregnancy-related problems in the U.S. annually. (x)

    Labor can last for 36 hours or more. You’re in a room full of strangers, who are all seeing your vagina, your blood, your shit, your piss, and your agony. It’s common for tearing to occur during the delivery (x) and after the baby is born you still have to deliver the placenta (essentially an organ).

    Pregnancy is terrifying, dangerous, and uncomfortable. None of you have the right to shit on Mila Kunis for telling the truth: You do not deserve the spotlight of your wife’s pregnancy. So get over yourselves. Yes, the father CAN be proud, and he should be. But it’s not his pregnancy. He is not the one who will endure it.

    It is not weird that someone would want to be involved in their wife’s pregnancy. It is weird that you have the fucking nerve to lose respect for someone reminding you that the father is not the pregnant one in the picture.

    So please, stop.

    Today in male entitlement: now women ”have some nerve” if they remind men that they are not, in fact, the pregnant ones. 

    What Mila said is that the child is YOURS not the PREGNANCY

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    Nightlight, by Axel Marazzi. More on Instagram.


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    couldn’t even make it through Taylor swifts new video.
    someone stop her. and Miley Cyrus.
    And every other white bitch who thinks it’s okay to use black people as props in their lame ass videos.

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    "Singapore" is a portrait of living and longing in the city. The tender and lyrical tone used in the series is intended to mask themes of discombobulation and disconnection. Each picture is meant to seem simultaneously naïve and disquieting, so as to reflect the predicament of an adolescent nation torn between her future and the past.

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    Childwold #2, 2011

    Anneè Olofsson

  10. Truisms and Inflammatory Essays by Jenny Holzer. American

    This is a sampling of Holzer’s early work, where she printed out the above and plastered them all over NYC in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. Unlike her current work, these were never intended to be museum pieces, but displayed in the public sphere. Also they were not produced to become permanent pieces of art. 

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    everyone made fun of taylor swift’s dancing so taylor swift made a music video making fun of her own dancing

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    2 hours ago

    MISSING: My friend Ataui Deng has been missing for 10 days. She was last seen in the Lower East Side of New York City. She is 5 feet 10 inches tall and slim. If you see her please email FindAtaui@gmail.com. Thank you.

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    Supermodel Ataui Deng has been missing for 10 days, y’all. Had it not been for Roblé’s post, I wouldn’t have heard anything. 10 Days and NOTHING in the media?


    If you have seen her or know anything concerning her disappearance, email FindAtaui@gmail.com

    Again, I feel this begs to be said again:


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    This is one of my favorite childhood stories.


    I loved these books

    I love the nonchalant “Welp, her head fell off”.

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